About Us

Our Mission
The Middle Georgia Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (HPAC) is a group of locally appointed area citizens working actively together to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of our region.

Who We Are and What We Do
The Middle Georgia Historic Preservation Advisory Committee (HPAC) is comprised of representatives from each of the 11 counties within the Middle Georgia Region. Appointed by their respective local government officials, HPAC members include architects, landscape architects, convention and visitor bureau directors, Main Street and Better Hometown manager, historical society leaders and other community leaders with an interest in travel, tourism and historic preservation.

The HPAC meets quarterly and meeting topics cover a wide-variety of areas from heritage tourism to archaeology to the economics of historic preservation.  While most meetings are held at the Middle Georgia Regional Commission offices, past meetings have been held in the various communities featuring site visits, tours and guest speakers. Meetings also include a “local reports” segment which often result in dynamic discussions between HPAC members about projects, initiatives, and issues the community is experiencing.

The State of Georgia’s Regional Preservation Planning Program, established in 1978, enables local governments, groups and individuals at the local level to receive more immediate technical assistance on all types of preservation issues and programs.  Currently, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources provides contract funds to the eleven Regional Commissions which employ Historic Preservation Planners and HPD administers the program. Until recently, participating RCs were required to facilitate historic preservation advisory committees.  However, State budget cuts generated a significant reduction in funding for the Regional Historic Preservation Planner program which resulted in the elimination of this requirement.  Unfortunately, current funding levels do not allow for Regional Commissions to continue providing staffing and technical support to the HPAC.  The HPAC members are currently reviewing their options about how to proceed in the future and are maintaining contact and coordination primarily through email and theHistoric Middle Georgia web site.

To determine who represents you community on the Middle Georgia HPAC, please contact us at historic@mg-rc.org. Past HPAC meeting minutes are also available upon request.